Pamela Steinle

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Professor Pamela Steinle

California State University, Fullerton

Dept of American Studies / GH-313

Fullerton, CA 92834

Emeritus Professor of American Studies


1987, Ph.D. in Comparative Cultures, University of California, Irvine

1980, Master of Arts in American Studies, California State University, Fullerton

1978, Bachelor of Arts in American Studies, California State University, Fullerton


Research and Teaching Areas:

Public Memory; Literature and Culture; Images of Crime and Violence; Cultural Theory



In Cold Fear: The Catcher in the Rye Censorship Controversies and Post-WWII American Character. 2000: Ohio State University Press. Paperback edition 2002

Other Publications

Editor and Area Essay: "Children's Television." The Guide to United States Popular Culture. 2001: Bowling Green University/Popular Culture Press; 160-165, 374-75, 623, 731-32.

Area Essay and Book Review: "The Art of Viewing Off-Center: Television and the Intellectual Enterprise." American Quarterly (September 1998) 679-686. Survey of current television scholarship in American Studies and review of Reviewing Reception: Television, Gender, and Postmodern Culture by Lynne Joyrich (1996: Indiana University Press)

Article: "On the Construction of Cultural Knowledge: The Next Generation Asks 'Why Vietnam?'" Vietnam Veterans Institute Journal, special issue on "Vietnam in Academe" (November 1995) 43-54.

Article: "Ideological Animations: Television Programming for (of) Children," Popular Culture Review (August 1994) 105-121.

Book Chapter: "The Fall-Out Over The Catcher in the Rye: A Contemporary American Conflict." In Beyond the Lonely Crowd: Popular Culture and Political Change in Modern America, Larry Bennett and Ronald Edsforth, Eds. (1991: SUNY Press) 127-136


National/International Broadcast Appearances

BBC (June 2, 2009): interviewed by Max Pearson for the BBC's morning radio news program "The World Today" regarding enduring public and critical interest in J.D. Salinger and The Catcher in the Rye.

NPR (July 18, 2001): interviewed by Juan Williams on NPR's "Talk of the Town" regarding The Catcher in the Rye censorship controversies.



New Courses (proposed and developed)

  • Television and Culture (AMST 442)
  • War and Culture (AMST 401T)
  • Adolescent America: Cultural History and Contemporary Study of the Teenager in American Culture (AMST 401T)
  • Contemporary American Culture: Theoretical Approaches to the Study of Post-WWII America (AMST 502T)
  • Telling American Studies: Creative Representations of Cultural Study (AMST 403)
  • AMerica 2.0: Electronic Culture & Community (AMST 489)

Additional Seminar Courses Frequently Taught :

  • Public Memory (AMST 502T)
  • Images of Crime and Violence (AMST 405)

General Education Courses Regularly Taught

  • Introduction to American Culture Studies (AMST 101)
  • American Character (AMST 301)