American Studies Minor

The 21-unit undergraduate minor requires 9 units of American Studies core courses and 12 elective units, three of which may be in a related field.

The 9-unit required core consists of:

  • AMST 201 - Introduction to American Studies

  • AMST 301 - The American Character OR AMST 345 - The American Dream

  • AMST 401T - Proseminar in American Studies

The 12 units of electives must be chosen in consultation with a faculty adviser. They are subject to the following requirements:

  • 9 units must be American Studies courses. That is, 3 units may be from another department. You may double-count a course from your major, so long as the course is a substantive one (not a methods or how-to course) and has an American-focused content .

  • 9 units must be upper-division courses. That is, 3 units may be lower division, for example, AMST 101 - Introduction to American Culture Studies.