Scholarship Recipients & Award Winners


Rose Anne Garcia Jennifer Sasai Melissa Chavez Kristin Miyagishima Karen Alonzo Adriana Ruvalcaba Samuel Sosa Maria Cortes Kira Banos Andy Diaz Steve Ngo Tony Joseph Ingoglio Raisa Orleans Heather Brown Greg Moore Narine Mehrabian Aissa canchola Michael Peralas Austin Krie Daisy Gutierrez photo of Vaca winner Vanessa Mendoza photo of Elizabeth Plett, Vaca winner Yamillet Brizuela Michelle Viorato Photograph of Ashely Ongalibang

Vaca Award winners (above): Top row: Roseanne Garcia; Jennifer Sasai; Melissa Chavez; Kristin Miyagishima; Kim Martin. Karen Alonzo; Row 2: Adriana Ruvalcaba; Samuel Sousa; Maria Cortes; Kira Banos; Andy Diaz; Steven Ngo; Row 3:  Tony Joseph Ingoglio; Raisa Orleans; Heather Brown; Greg Moore; Row 4: Narine Mehrabian; Aissa Canchola; Michael Perales; Austin Krie; Daisy Gutierrez; Vanessa Mendoza; Row 5: Elizabeth Plett; Yamillet Brizuela; Michelle Viorato; Ashely Ongalibang.

David Jon Vaca Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship

Year Recipient
Fall 2016 Ashely Ongalibang
Spring 2016 Michelle Viorato
Fall 2015 Yamillet Brizuela
Spring 2015 Elizabeth Plett
Fall 2014 Victoria MacDonald
Spring 2014 Vanessa Mendoza
Fall 2013 Paulina Torres
Spring 2013 Nicole Rehnberg
Fall 2012 Judson Barber
Spring 2012 Daisy Gutierrez
Fall 2011 Austin Krie
Spring 2011 Michael Perales
Fall 2010 Aissa Canchola
Spring 2010 Narine Nehrabian
Fall 2009 Greg Moore
Spring 2009 Eduardo Garcia
Fall 2008 Heather Brown
Spring 2008 Tony Joseph Ingoglio and Raisa Orleans
Fall 2007 Kira Banos, Andy Diaz, and Steven Ngo
Spring 2007 Maria Cortes
Fall 2006 Samuel Sousa
Spring 2006 Adriana Ruvalcaba
Fall 2005 Karen Alonzo
Spring 2005 Kim Martin
Fall 2004 Kristin Miyagishima
Spring 2004 Timothy Peter Schneider
Fall 2003 Susan Lee
Spring 2003 Melissa Leigh Chavez
Fall 2002 Jennifer Sasai
Fall 2001 Mary Jo Cooke
Spring 2001 Roseanne Garcia
Fall 2000 Dakota Cornell
Spring 2000 Laura Barrios
Fall 1999 John McCarthy
Spring 1999 Laurie Dieppa
Fall 1998 Jonathan Menjivar
Spring 1998 Monique Soltani
Fall 1997 Justine Pas
Spring 1997 Gregg Schlappy
Fall 1996 Jeff Savage
Spring 1996 Lisa D. McFarland
Fall 1995 Ann M. Campbell
Spring 1995 Heather Yarnell
Fall 1994 Wendy Barker
Spring 1994 Andrea L. Schwartz
Fall 1993 Carolyn Thomas and Melana Abramowicz
Fall 1992 Laura K. Vaughn
Spring 1992 Christopher Ramsey
Fall 1991 Julia M. Cheung
Spring 1991 Noelle Lee Dickenson
Fall 1990 Shannon Philipp
Spring 1990 Sandra V. Smith
Fall 1989 Lisa Cleveland
Spring 1989 Susan Flinkingshelt
Fall 1988 Tracy A. Smith
Spring 1988 Eric Taylor
Fall 1987 Sandi Patton
Spring 1987 David L. Crawford
Spring 1986 Kelly R. Jennings
Fall 1985 Shannon Pohlhammer
Spring 1985 Anne-Marie Scholz
Spring 1984 Enrico Gnaulati

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Photograph of Alexandra Reyna

Mike & Lucy Steiner Study Abroad Scholarship recipient: Alexandra Reyna


2016 Alexandra Reyna

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Melissa Anderson Kimball Maw Matt Nelson John DeCarlo

Margarete Liebe Sekhon Graduate Scholarship recipients: Melissa Anderson; Kimball Maw; Matt Nelson; John DeCarlo

Margarete Liebe Sekhon Graduate Scholarship Recipients

Year Recipient
2016-17 Clayton Finn
2015-16 Darcy Mahoney
2014-15 Jasmin Gomez
2013-14 Kacie Hoppe
2012-13 Tatiana Pedroza
2011-12 Jose Zamora
2010-11 Steven Estrada
2009-10 Rahima Schwenkbeck
2008-09 John DeCarlo
2007-08 Jennifer Moore
2006-07 Matt Nelson
2005-06 Kimball Maw
2002-03 Carla Melissa Anderson

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Melissa Anderson Kristiane R. Joy Jill Somers Kimball Maw Patrick Covert

Weaver Prize recipients: Top row: Melissa Anderson; Kristiane R. Joy; Jill Somers; Kimball Maw; Patrick Covert. Row 2: Jason Ward 

Year Recipient Essay Topic
2016 Judson Barber “Silent Ruins: The Politics, Distribution, and Confinement of Memory Surrounding Alcatraz Island”
2015 Kacie Hoppe "The Cultural Work of Steampunk Literature in Cherie Priest's Boneshaker"
2014 Mike West "The Birth of the Pin-Up Girl: How Footlocker Art Swept the Nation and Influenced Gender Roles" 
2013 Greg Rozsa "The Little Economic Engine that Could: Las Vegas' Search for Water Security Under the Shadow of Owens Valley"
2012 Jason Ward "The Privatized City: Finding Space for the Working Poor in Orange County"
2011 Patrick Covert "Politicizing your Mailbox: Extracting Motivation from Bob Mizer’s Physique Pictorial"
2010 Heather Andrews Emily Starr “Landed Masculinity and the Landless Native Other: Raced and Gendered Discourse and the Dawes Act of 1887” “The American Prince and His Third World Cinderella: Mail-Order Brides and Global Hierarchies of Gender and Race"
2009 Jennifer Moore "The Mythopoetic Men's Movement on Television: A Gathering Place for the '90s Male"
2008 Jaclyn Mahoney Kimball Maw "Pushing Processed Over Process: How Mother's Milk Alternatives Dismiss Natural Processes of Female Health"
"YouTube, Harry Potter Fans, and the Dissemination of Textual Authority"
2007 Jill Somers "Practiced Place and Negotiated Race: The Co-Production of Race and Space in Pankey, Arkansas"
2006 Kristiane R. Joy "Visualizing the 'Struggle for Fun:' ZZ Top's Eliminator Videos and the Narrative of Transformation
2005 Stephanie Kolberg "Attacking the 'American Cinderella:'Philip Wylie's 'Momism' and the Scapegoating of Women in 1940s-50s America"
2004 Kristin Ann Hargrove "The Peel and What Lies Beneath It: The Underside of Orange County's Public Memory"
2003 Carla Melissa Anderson "Studying Visual Media: Putting Fish, Baudrillard, and Geertz to the Test"
2002 Nicole Elise Peeples "Life Outside the Borg Cube: American Studies and the Collapse of the Culture Concept"
2001 Justine Pas "Translating Identities: The Rhetoric of Self in Multiple Cultural Contexts"
2000 Trista O'Connell "White Slave or New Woman: Competing Images of Prostitution and Womanhood in Reformist Tracts and The Masses, 1910-1917"
1998 Shauna Butler "From Public Whipping to Self Immolation: Nathaniel Hawthorne and the Construction of the Self"
1997 Eric Olson "William Burroughs and Naked Lunch: Running Down the United States Drag"
1996 Timothy Yates "Misery & Restoration: A History of Antidepressant Advertising"
1995 Sharon Sekhon "Americans in Paris: Josephine Baker and James Baldwin"
1994 Paul Amiel Stewart "Welcome to America(nization)"

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Jennifer Sasai Patti Thomas Brittany Franck Lori Burrows Heather Brown David Donley Alexandria Attanasio Hilda Anguiano

Academic Achievement Award winners: Top Row: Jennifer Sasai; Patti Thomas; Brittany Franck; Lori Burrows; Row 2: Heather Brown; David Donley; Alexandria Attanasio; Hilda Anguiano

Academic Achievement Award Recipients

Year Recipient
2015-16 Hilda Anguiano
2014-15 Brianna Flores
2013-14 Brandon Goco
2012-13 Paula Beckman
2011-12 Alexandria Attanasio
2010-11 David Donley
2009-10 Heather Brown
2008-09 Anita Rice
2007-08 Cailin White
2006-07 Lori Burrows
2005-06 Brittany Franck
2004-05 Patti Thomas
2003-04 Karen Ann Amos
2002-03 Jennifer Sasai
2001-02 Laura Alexander
2000-01 John McCarthy
1999-00 Lori Ann Madsen
1998-99 Laurie Dieppa
1997-98 Justine Pas and Linda Vandenbroeke
1996-97 Leigh Logan and Lisa Thompson
1995-96 Shauna M. Butler
1994-95 Wendy Barker
1993-94 Denise Flynn
1992-93 Robert Morey
1991-92 Jason Lacomb
1990-91 Noelle Dickenson
1989-90 Yvette Lane
1988-89 Tracy A. Smith
1987-88 Helen Sims
1986-87 Dorothy Thompson
1985-86 Mary L. Williams
1984-85 April Schwenneker

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Kim Martin Carin Arrigo-Zimmer Lori Burrows Lora Clawson Elizabeth Buchanan Tim Harper Sandy Kim Kathy Workman photo of Pam Newton in cap and gown photo of Esther Villa Darcy Anderson
Outanding Reentry Student Award winners (left to right): Top Row: Kim Martin; Carin Arrigo-Zimmer; Lori Burrows; Lora Clawson; Elizabeth Buchanan; Tim Harper; Sandy Kim; Kathy Workman; Row 2: Pam Newton; Esther Villa; Darcy Anderson

Outstanding Reentry Student Award Recipients

Year Recipient
2015 Scott Cleveland
2014 Darcy Anderson
2013 Pam Newton and Esther Villa
2012 Kathy Workman
2011 Sandy Kim
2010 Tim Harper
2009 John Dominguez
2007-2008 Elizabeth Buchanan and Lora Clawson
2006-07 Lori Burrows
2005-06 Carin Arrigo-Zimmer
2004-05 Kim Martin

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Melissa Anderson Kristiane Joy Megan Jensen Melanie Pyles

Jimmy Stroup and Sara Rogers Steve Ngo Stacey Moultry DAnderson Drew Bahna

Flinkingshelt Award winners: Row 1: Melissa Anderson; Kristiane R. Joy; Megan Jensen; Melanie Pyles. Row 2: Jimmy Stroup and Sara Rogers; Steven Ngo; Stacey Moultry; Darcy Anderson, Drew Bahna

Susan Flinkingshelt Student Association Service Award Recipients

Year Recipient
2015-16 Darcy Anderson and Drew Bahna
2014-15 Tramanh Hoang and Kacie Hoppe
2013-14 Mariella Garcia and Tatiana Pedroza
2012-13 Monica Duboski and Greg Rozsa
2011-12 Nicole Rehnberg and Anna Marie McPride
2010-11 Stacey Moultry
2009-10 Steven Ngo and Julianna Barone
2008-09 Megan Wagner and Sara Rogers
2007-08 Sara Rogers and Jimmy Stroup
2006-07 Megan Wagner
2005-06 Megan Jensen and Melanie Pyles
2004-05 Kristiane R. Joy and Megan Jensen
2003-04 Carla Melissa Anderson
2002-03 Matthew A. Knowlton and Traci Turner
2001-02 Lily Estes-Eichert and Jeremy Hill
2000-01 Chris Gunther and Jennifer Jefferson
1999-00 Amy Lefkowitz and Jonathan Menjivar
1998-99 Dana Maples and John McCarthy
1997-98 Debbie Girkin
1996-97 Barbara Campbell
1995-96 Barbara Campbell
1994-95 Barbara Campbell and Richard Dennison
1993-94 Carolyn de la Pena and Debra DeRuyver
1992-93 Barbara Sheahan
1991-92 Ronald Dobley and Sandra Finestone
1990-91 Dorothy Reina
1989-90 Cynthia Adams and Laurel Carpenter
1988-89 Cynthia Adams
1987-88 Priscilla Mayfield
1986-87 Ann Uyeda
1985-86 Holly Carpenter
1984-85 Beth Harnick
1983-84 April Schwenneker

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