Our department has been shaped since its inception by our exceptional students. CSUF American studies students have gone on to become teachers, lawyers, professors, police officers, comedians, community activists, Peace Corps volunteers, public radio producers, social workers, advertising executives, jewelry designers, journalists, Washington interns, and myriad other roles. Despite the many directions they take upon graduating, what our students share is a sense of intellectual curiosity and a commitment to understanding and improving that complex thing that is American culture. 

Just as we work to provide our students with a strong intellectual and social community during their time at Fullerton, we also hope to retain and strengthen those connections after they leave our department. To that end, we've created a new CSUF American Studies Alumni Facebook page, where alums can keep in touch, share ideas and information, and offer the sort of advice and assistance we all need as we navigate our professional and personal lives. We hope you'll take a moment to Like our page and join in the conversations beginning there. Liking our page is also a way for us to stay informed about your exciting activities and keep you informed about upcoming departmental programs and events.

Finally, we invite you to contribute to our department's ongoing efforts to support American studies students as they pursue their undergraduate and advanced degrees. Take a look at our Scholarships page to to learn how your donation can help us continue to offer scholarships and awards to our exceptional students for years to come.