Graduate Assistant Positions

Department of American Studies Graduate Assistant—2325 (Monthly)

Responsibilities: (1) attendance at all class meetings, (2) completion of all course reading assignments, (3) consultation with students to assist in preparation for course exams, and (4) assist in grading exams and essays.

Minimum requirements: (1) Completion of a bachelor’s degree, (2) registration and current enrollment in the MA program in American Studies at CSUF, (3) satisfactory progress toward the degree, including successful completion of AMST 501, and (4) appropriate knowledge of course subject matter. Note: Exceptions to the stated minimum eligibility qualifications may be granted at the sole discretion of the University.

The selection of a Graduate Assistant will be at the sole discretion of the instructor to whom the Graduate Assistant might be assigned and will be based on his or her own experience as a teacher, selecting the person deemed most likely to be effective in promoting student learning. The successful candidate must have met the minimum requirements established for this position.

Graduate Assistants are hired for a minimum of five hours per week up to a maximum of twenty hours per week (pending funding).

There is no application form. Candidates should send a letter of interest to Professor Dustin Abnet, Graduate Advisor:

Graduate Assistants are usually hired two weeks before the beginning of each semester on a rolling basis. There is no deadline for receipt of letters of interest. GA positions are not available every semester, and availability is subject to budget and funding. 

Cal State Fullerton is an Equal Opportunity/ Title IX/503/504/VEVRA/ADA Employer