M.A. Theses Completed in the Department of American Studies
California State University, Fullerton

Completed Theses Authors and Topics by Year
Year Author Thesis Topic
2020 Christina Brown Shaping the Story: The Poetry, Television, and Dance of the #MeToo Movement
  Alex Foy "Your Boy, Jim": The Diary and Letters of a Soldier in World War I
2017  Susan Mitchell  The Shadows of Assimilation: Narratives and Legacies of the Carlisle Indian Boarding School, 1879-1918
  Jasmin Gomez  Reel Latinas, Reel Food: Unpacking Latina's' Food Narratives
2016 Rachel Schiff Jewish Subcultures Online: Outreach, Dating, and Marginalized Communities
2015 Jason Ward The Privatized City: Finding Space for the Working Poor in Orange County
2014 Patrick Heyer Revolution of Spirit: Henry George, Leo Tolstoy, and the Land Value Tax
  Sukeinah Kassir Missions in Miniature: Cultural Constructions of California's Mission Past
  Amelia (Amy) Kremer *   Woods, Wolves, and Falcons: The Nature Writing of Jean Craighead George
  Ekaterina (Katya) Kuzmina Russians in Post-Cold War American Films: Still a Foe or a Friend-To-Be? Looking for a Cultural "Reset" Button
  Casey Ratto From the Gunslinger to the Road Warrior: The Post-Apocalyptic and the Western in Literature, Film, and Video Games
  Jose Zamora Ser Papa: The Experiences and Masculinities of Young Chicano Fathers
2013 Yvonne England A Punk Practice: The Development of Punk Political Activism, 1979-2000
  Nathan Kuntz I Like, Therefore I Am: Constructing Identity and Community on Facebook
2012 Ian Barraza * Lend Me Your Eyes: Attending to Deaf Culture and the Maneuverability of Identity
  Jason Cannon George Orwell's Animal Farm in the Post-Soviet Union Era
  Patrick Covert Politicizing the Mailbox: Examining the Morals, Men, and Motivation within Bob Mizer's Physique Pictorial
  Jaclyn Mahoney Myths of Modern Maternity: Negotiating Meaning in the Development of Obstetric Culture in Turn-of-the-Twentieth-Century Los Angeles
2011 Heather Andrews "With His Head in the Lion's Mouth”: James Baldwin Interrogates American
Innocence and Identity
  Joy Shannon The First Counterculture Celebrity: Oscar Wilde's 1882 North American Tour
2009 Matthew Glassman “The Ball Don’t Lie”: Cultural Tension and the Commodification of Hip-Hop Authenticity in the 1990s NBA
  Steve Manseau * Roll, Truck, Roll: A Cultural Appreciation of Trucker Music, America's Last Worksong Canon (Winner of the 2010 Giles Brown Outstanding Thesis Award)
2008 Melanie Pyles In This World But Not of This World: Pentecostal Churchgoers Negotiate the Spiritual, Political, and Financial Aspects of Contemporary Life in Orange County
  Eri Tsuji “Six Eyes Gazing at the Ghosts in the Dark”: Three Novelists' Explorations into the Memories of the Vietnam War
2007 Brenda Beza El mundo de lotería: Transnational Identity in Play
  Danielle Marie DiPirro From Biting The Apple to Breaking the Spell: Analyzing Love in the Disney Princess Collection
  Sarah Gillen Hip Hop According to the Adolescents of the Inland Empire
  Megan Jensen This Land Is Our Land Too: Rural Women and the 1980s Farm Crisis
  Matthew Knowlton Military Crackdown: Policing the Boundaries of Race, Gender, and Same-Sex Relations in Oceanside, California, 1974-1976
2005 Kristin Hargrove Sunpist: Exploring the Alienation Resulting from Orange County 's Post-World War II Development
  Stephanie Kolberg Marketing the Middle Landscape in Irvine , California : The Image of a Master-Planned Community and the Pursuit of the Suburban Ideal, 1959-2005
2004 Jeff Auer Glitter Rock: Sex, Drugs, and Gender in American Youth During the 1970's
  Akane Shinohara The World of Urban Native Americans: People, Community, and Challenges for Cultural Survival in Contemporary Southern California
  Lydia Ann Cristea Romanians and the American Dream: Myth and Reality in Contemporary Immigrant Experience
  Phillip Scott The Ford Mustang and the Chevrolet Corvette: Icons in American Culture
2002 Cynthia Bruns Into the Wilderness: The Rise and Decline of Backpacking in America, 1965-1977
  Bradley Parsons The Stories We Tell Ourselves: Postmodern Narratives in Popular Culture
2001 Leslie Boullon Surf Narratives: California Dreamin' on a New Frontier
  Trista O'Connell Seductress, White Slave, or New Woman: Competing Images of Prostitution and Womanhood in American Illustrations and Paintings, 1830-1920
  Brenda Yecke In and Out of Bounds: The Representation of Women in Sports Illustrated, 1954-1999
2000 Amy Lefkowitz Packaging Religion: Exploring the Boundaries of Religion and Spirituality in Contemporary Popular Media
  Donald Langford Good Vibrations, Southern California Surf Culture
1999 Annette M. Bagley Rural Lessons in Multicultural Education: An Ethnographic Study of a Small Town's Public Schools
1998 Jon Legree Icarus in America: The Pilot in American Culture
  Eric C. Wat In No One's Shadows: A History of Organizing among Gay Asian Men in Los Angeles in the Pre-AIDS Years
1997 Kenneth Delbert Boteler Love, Marriage, and Death: A Study of Change in the Vietnamese and American Cultures
  Barbara Anne Campbell Underneath This Prim Exterior: The Passion of Aimee Semple McPherson and the Construction of Public Self in Women's Ministry
  Denise J. Flynn Smoking Heads: Decoding Cigarette Advertisements, 1936-1996
  Julie Ann Omelich Responding to 'Stories That Had to Be Told': The Popular Reception of Journalist, Author, and Television Heroine Laura Ingalls Wilder
  Arlene J. Ring * The Coyote: An American Character (Canis Latrans)
1996 Christopher York Bat Signals: The Popular Construction of the Batman Myth
1995 Tracy Allison Smith Uncovering a Sense of Place: The Interaction between Culture and Landscape in Santa Ana Canyon, Orange County, California
1994 Denise Nola-Faye Lowe The Depiction of Single-Career Women in Network Situation Comedies, 1950-1994
1992 Marsha Gilpin Ehlers The Film Depiction of America's Teachers, 1968-1983
  Suzanne Walter The American Christmas: Tradition in Transition
1991 Mary Grant Imagining Orange County: Gregory Benford, Science Fiction, and Cultural Criticism in a Southern California Community
1990 Roseanne Greenfield * The Bolsa Chica Wetlands of Huntington Beach: The Changing Environment, Land Use Patterns, and Cultural Values of Its Inhabitants from 500 A.D. to the Present
1989 Brigitte E. Johnson Elvis Presley: The Symbol of an Age
1988 Rose Hamilton-Gottlieb Defending the Errand in the Nuclear Age: The American Civil Religion under Stress
1987 Denise Marie D'Amico American Beauty Culture: Ethnography of a Cosmetics Department
1985 Kathryn Ruth Hamilton Villains and Cultural Change: Aaron Burr and Victorian America
1984 Gabriele Gugetzer Lesbianism in the American Expatriate Community in Paris in the 1920's: A Study
  Jessica Ruth Johnston The Double Bind: 'Eat and Stay Thin': Food as a Condensed Cultural Symbol and the Overweight Stigma, 1890-1980
1983 Dana Thayer Duenzen The Cultural Image of Women and Femininity in Sports
1982 Deborah Dawson Christner The Romantic Ideal of the Artist in the Music Industry
1981 Chiharu Kawai For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll: Methods of Mate Selection and Attitudes toward Marriage among College Females in Japan and in the United States
1980 Marlon Knopf Brown The Deprogramming Controversy: A Struggle for Image
  Pamela Hunt Steinle The American Marital Paradigm in Crisis, 1959-1979

* Received the Giles T. Brown Award for the Outstanding M.A. Thesis of the Year at CSU Fullerton