American Studies Major

The 36-unit undergraduate major requires 12 units of American Studies core courses and 24 elective units in American Studies and related fields.

Required Core Courses (12 units):

·       AMST 201 - Introduction to American Studies

·       AMST 301 - The American Character

·       AMST 350 - Theory & Method of American Studies

·       AMST 401T - Proseminar in American Studies

Electives (24 units) must be chosen in consultation with a faculty advisor. They are subject to the following requirements:

  • Students may take all eight elective courses (24 units) in American Studies courses or they may include up to four courses (12 units) from other departments upon approval of a faculty adviser.
  • Students who choose to include courses from other departments must follow one of two plans in selecting those courses, a "theme approach" or a "disciplines approach."
    • If they follow the "theme approach," students work with a faculty adviser to determine a concentration or theme, such as gender, popular culture, regionalism, law and society, or urban studies.
    • If they follow the “disciplines approach,” students may take upper-division courses from one or two other disciplines, such as African American studies, Asian American Studies, anthropology, art, Chicano studies, communications, criminal justice, English, geography, history, political science, psychology, Cinema and Television Arts, or sociology. They must take at least two courses in any one discipline.
  • All courses taken outside American Studies must be upper-division. Whichever plan is followed, all non- American Studies coursework must be substantive rather than skill or how-to courses and must have an American focus or a cross-cultural focus involving America. 

Once students have earned 85 units, they should apply for graduation. To complete a grad check in American Studies, students should email an American Studies faculty advisor with their CWID or visit faculty office hours.