American Studies Major

The 36-unit undergraduate major requires 12 units of American Studies core courses and 24 elective units in American Studies and related fields.

Required Core Courses (12 units):

·       AMST 201 - Introduction to American Studies

·       AMST 301 - The American Character

·       AMST 350 - Theory & Method of American Studies

·       AMST 401T - Proseminar in American Studies

Electives (24 units) must be chosen in consultation with a faculty advisor. They are subject to the following requirements:

  • Students may take all eight elective courses (24 units) in American Studies courses or they may include up to four courses (12 units) from other departments upon approval of a faculty adviser.
  • All courses taken outside American Studies must be upper-division. Whichever plan is followed, all non- American Studies coursework must be substantive rather than skill or how-to courses and must have an American focus or a cross-cultural focus involving America. 

Once students have earned 85 units, they should apply for graduation. To complete a grad check in American Studies, students should email an American Studies faculty advisor with their CWID or visit faculty office hours.