Academic Achievement Award

Awarded each year to the graduating senior majoring in American Studies who is judged by the American Studies faculty to show the greatest academic promise. The faculty considers several factors in addition to grade point average; foremost among these other factors are the quality of mind the student has shown in his or her career as an American Studies major. A permanent plaque with the names of all award winners is on display on the 4th floor of University Hall.

Academic Achievement Award Recipients by Year

Year Awarded


2022-23 Xochitl Garcia
2021-22 Jeremiah Counihan
2020-21 Nadine Boctor and Grace Johnson
2019-20 Evan Dang
2018-19 Stephanie Vargas
2017-18 Maria Priscilla Carcido
2016-17 Sara Roberts
2015-16 Hilda Anguiano
2014-15 Brianna Flores
2013-14 Brandon Goco
2012-13 Paula Beckman
2011-12 Alexandria Attanasio
2010-11 David Donley
2009-10 Heather Brown
2008-09 Anita Rice
2007-08 Cailin White
2006-07 Lori Burrows
2005-06 Brittany Franck
2004-05 Patti Thomas
2003-04 Karen Ann Amos
2002-03 Jennifer Sasai
2001-02 Laura Alexander
2000-01 John McCarthy
1999-00 Lori Ann Madsen
1998-99 Laurie Dieppa
1997-98 Justine Pas and Linda Vandenbroeke
1996-97 Leigh Logan and Lisa Thompson
1995-96 Shauna M. Butler
1994-95 Wendy Barker
1993-94 Denise Flynn
1992-93 Robert Morey
1991-92 Jason Lacomb
1990-91 Noelle Dickenson
1989-90 Yvette Lane
1988-89 Tracy A. Smith
1987-88 Helen Sims
1986-87 Dorothy Thompson
1985-86 Mary L. Williams
1984-85 April Schwenneker

 Jennifer Sasai Patti Thomas Brittany Franck Lori Burrows Heather Brown David Donley Alexandria Attanasio Hilda Anguiano Photo of Evan Dang Photograph of Nadine Boctor Photograph of Grace Johnson Photograph of Jeremiah Counihan Xochitl Garcia

Academic Achievement Award winners: Top Row: Jennifer Sasai; Patti Thomas; Brittany Franck; Lori Burrows; Row 2: Heather Brown; David Donley; Alexandria Attanasio; Hilda Anguiano;  Evan Dang; Nadine Boctor; Grace Johnson; Jeremiah Counihan; Xochitl Garcia