Napolin APC Undergraduate Scholarship

Photograph of Alexander NapolinThe $1000 Napolin APC Undergraduate Scholarship, which is based on scholastic achievement and financial need, is awarded each semester.  This scholarship has been created by Alexander Napolin, a 2008 graduate of Cal State Fullerton. Alex was a double major in business and American Studies.  He then graduated from Pepperdine Law School in 2011. He is the managing attorney of Napolin APC, with offices in Ontario and Orange. Alex believes that his American Studies degree changed the way he sees the world and that he uses the insights and skills he gained from his classes every day. He wants to make it possible for other students to benefit in the same way from an American Studies education.

Who may apply: Any American Studies major who has earned 60 units overall, including at least 9 units in American Studies courses, and who has maintained at least a 3.5 GPA in American Studies courses. Previous applicants are eligible to reapply.  

Application procedures: Application forms are available online on the American Studies department website or in the department office (GH-313). In addition to filling out the application form, you need to attach a letter explaining why and how you would benefit from this scholarship. Letters should be addressed to the American Studies Department. Applications with letters attached should be turned in to the Department Office (GH-313) or emailed to Sandra Medina. It is perfectly appropriate to contact faculty members for advice on composing your application letter. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you should seriously consider applying for this scholarship, since it is a distinct honor. 

Due Dates:

Fall Semester: October 15

Spring Semester. March 1

Application FormPDF File

 Photograph of Napolin Legal Team

Napolin Scholarship Winners By Year

Year Received


Fall 2020 Nadine Boctor
Spring 2020 Frankie Guevara
Fall 2019 Marisol Rivera
Spring 2019 Stephanie Ramirez
Fall 2018  Jessica Hernandez
Spring 2018  Tyra Reed
Fall 2017 Michael Gandara

 Photograph of Tyra Reed Photograph of Jessica Hernandez Photograph of Stephanie Ramirez Photograph of Marisol Rivera Photo of Frankie Guevara Photograph of Nadine Boctor

Row 1: Tyra Reed; Jessica Hernandez; Stephanie Ramirez, Marisol Rivera, Frankie Guevara