Outstanding Reentry Student Award

Begun in 2005 with a very generous donation from an American Studies major who herself had been a reentry student, this award will be given every year to a graduating senior who either began or returned to college after a substantial break. It is open to students who graduated from high school and then took several years off (for any reason) before starting college or to students who began their college careers and then took several years off before returning to complete their B.A. degree.  Recipients are selected by the department faculty. 

To apply, please fill out the form below and submit to the American Studies Department office (GH-313) or email to  Sandra Medina by March 1. 

Application Form PDF File

Outstanding Reentry Award Recipients by Year

Year Awarded


2023 Shawn Anderson
2022 Timothy Luna
2021 Kathleen Loreto
2020 Elizabeth O'Neal
2019 Hector Buenostro
2018 Melinda Callaway
2015 Scott Cleveland
2014 Darcy Anderson
2013 Pam Newton and Esther Villa
2012 Kathy Workman
2011 Sandy Kim
2010 Tim Harper
2009 John Dominguez
2007-2008 Elizabeth Buchanan and Lora Clawson
2006-07 Lori Burrows
2005-06 Carin Arrigo-Zimmer
2004-05 Kim Martin


 Kim Martin Carin Arrigo-Zimmer Lori Burrows Lora Clawson Elizabeth Buchanan Tim Harper Sandy Kim Kathy Workman photo of Pam Newton in cap and gown photo of Esther Villa Darcy Anderson Photograph of Melinda Callaway Photograph of Hector Buenrostro Photo of Elizabeth O'Neal Photograph of Timonthy Luna Man in a flannel shirt and hat
Outanding Reentry Student Award winners (left to right, top to bottom): Kim Martin; Carin Arrigo-Zimmer; Lori Burrows; Lora Clawson; Elizabeth Buchanan; Tim Harper; Sandy Kim; Kathy Workman;  Pam Newton; Esther Villa; Darcy Anderson; Melinda Callaway; Hector Buenrostro; Elizabeth O'Neal; Timothy Luna; Shawn Anderson