Susan Flinkingshelt Student Association Service Award

Awarded each year to the American Studies major or minor judged by the American Studies faculty to have made the greatest contribution during that year to the success of the American Studies Student Association. A permanent plaque with the names of all award winners is on display on the 4th floor of University Hall.

This award is named in memory of Susan Flinkingshelt, an American Studies major who was killed in a tragic accident in November 1992. Susan, who graduated in 1989, was a very active member of the Student Association during her undergraduate years and in spring 1989 received the department's scholarship award, the Vaca Scholarship.

Flinkingshelt Service Award Recpients by Year

Year Awarded


2022-23 Kathy Loreto-Spennato and Kelly McMahon
2021-22 Shannon Anderson, Raymond Gandara, Marisol Rivera
2020-21 Katherine Morales and Michelle Okawa
2019-20 Laura Fauvor and Naja Shabaka
2018-19 Julian Orazco and Matt Sylvester
2017-18 Michael Gandara and Jasmine Mayfield
2016-17 Amanda Ritter and Bahar Tahamtani
2015-16 Darcy Anderson and Drew Bahna
2014-15 Tramanh Hoang and Kacie Hoppe
2013-14 Mariella Garcia and Tatiana Pedroza
2012-13 Monica Duboski and Greg Rozsa
2011-12 Nicole Rehnberg and Anna Marie McPride
2010-11 Stacey Moultry
2009-10 Steven Ngo and Julianna Barone
2008-09 Megan Wagner and Sara Rogers
2007-08 Sara Rogers and Jimmy Stroup
2006-07 Megan Wagner
2005-06 Megan Jensen and Melanie Pyles
2004-05 Kristiane R. Joy and Megan Jensen
2003-04 Carla Melissa Anderson
2002-03 Matthew A. Knowlton and Traci Turner
2001-02 Lily Estes-Eichert and Jeremy Hill
2000-01 Chris Gunther and Jennifer Jefferson
1999-00 Amy Lefkowitz and Jonathan Menjivar
1998-99 Dana Maples and John McCarthy
1997-98 Debbie Girkin
1996-97 Barbara Campbell
1995-96 Barbara Campbell
1994-95 Barbara Campbell and Richard Dennison
1993-94 Carolyn de la Pena and Debra DeRuyver
1992-93 Barbara Sheahan
1991-92 Ronald Dobley and Sandra Finestone
1990-91 Dorothy Reina
1989-90 Cynthia Adams and Laurel Carpenter
1988-89 Cynthia Adams
1987-88 Priscilla Mayfield
1986-87 Ann Uyeda
1985-86 Holly Carpenter
1984-85 Beth Harnick
1983-84 April Schwenneker


Melissa Anderson Kristiane Joy Megan Jensen Melanie Pyles

Jimmy Stroup and Sara Rogers Steve Ngo Stacey Moultry DAnderson Drew Bahna Photograph of Michelle Okawa Photograph of Shannon Anderson Photograph of Marisol Rivera Photograph of Kelly McMahon

Flinkingshelt Award winners: (Left to Right, Top to Bottom) Melissa Anderson; Kristiane R. Joy; Megan Jensen; Melanie Pyles;  Jimmy Stroup and Sara Rogers; Steven Ngo; Stacey Moultry; Darcy Anderson, Drew Bahna, Michelle Okawa, Shannon Anderson, Marisol Rivera, Kelly McMahon