Applying to the Graduate Program

An applicant to the M.A. in American Studies should hold or be about to receive a bachelor's degree with a major, or its equivalent, in American Studies or in an appropriate discipline of the humanities or social sciences, with at least a 3.2 GPA in undergraduate major courses. A candidate whose undergraduate program indicates certain limited subject, grade, or breadth deficiencies may be considered for admission, at the discretion of the graduate admissions committee. In such cases, a student may be required to take one or more undergraduate courses to make up deficiencies that will not count toward the master's degree. Correspondence or conversation with the Graduate Program Advisor before application is strongly advisable. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is not required. Applications are accepted for admission in fall semester only. All application material must be submitted by March 1. Applicants will be notified by the American Studies Graduate Advisor regarding their admission to the American Studies Master's Program by April.

Candidates should submit 1) a personal statement of 1-2 pages, addressing your background and related experience in preparation for graduate work in American Studies, and discuss why you are interested in pursuing an M.A. in American Studies; 2) two letters of recommendation, preferably from evaluators who can speak to your academic performance and your readiness to pursue graduate work in American Studies; additional letters may be included but are not required; and 3) official transcripts from all undergraduate institutions attended. A writing sample is not required but is optional; you may submit a writing sample that represents your best writing and demonstrates your abilities in cultural and/or historical analysis. 

For further information, please contact Professor Adam Golub, Graduate Program Advisor, by email at Applications are now online only. Visit for more information.