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Adam  Golub, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Graduate Advisor

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Ph.D., American Studies, The University of Texas at Austin

M.A.T., English, Boston College

B.A., English, Vassar College

Research Areas

20th century U.S. cultural history; popular culture; monsters and American culture; history of childhood and education; globalization of American culture 



Monsters in the Classroom: Essays on Teaching What Scares UsOpens in new window , edited by Adam Golub and Heather Richardson Hayton, McFarland, 2017.


"Monsters in the Classroom: Teaching Can Be a ScreamOpens in new window ," CSUF News Service, August 1, 2017.

"Zombies and the Professor Who Teaches Them," Yes Weekly, June 27, 2017.

Book Chapters

"Locating Monsters: Space, Place, and Monstrous Geographies," in Monsters in the Classroom: Essays on Teaching What Scares Us, ed. Golub and Hayton. 

"Introduction: Monstrous Pedagogies," co-authored with Heather Richardson Hayton, in Monsters in the Classroom: Essays on Teaching What Scares Us ed. Golub and Hayton.

Refereed Journal Articles

"Making Context Matter: American Studies and the Connecting Imagination," The Society of Americanists Review, forthcoming

"Stomping the Undead: A Blues Theory of Zombie CultureOpens in new window ," Quarterly Horse: A Journal of [brief] American Studies 1.3 (Spring 2017). 

Zombie Companies and Corporate SurvivorsPDF File Opens in new window ,” co-authored with Carrie M. Lane, Anthropology NOW 7:2 (September 2015): 47-54. 

Solving the School Crisis in Popular Culture: Why Johnny Can’t Read Turns 60,Opens in new window Ethos: A Digital Review of Arts, Humanities, and Public Ethics, 2.1 (April 2015): 4-20.

"All I Needed to Know About College Teaching I Learned as a High School TeacherOpens in new window ,"Hybrid Pedagogy: A Digital Journal of Learning, Teaching, and Technology, September 15, 2013. 

“John Dewey vs. The Terrible Miss Dove: Frances Gray Patton’s Postwar Schoolmarm and the Cultural Work of Nostalgia,” Transformations: The Journal of Inclusive Scholarship and Pedagogy 23:1 (Spring/Summer 2012): 37-57.

"A Transnational Tale of Teenage Terror: The Blackboard Jungle in Global Perspective,"Red Feather: An International Journal of Children’s Visual Culture 3:1 (March 2012): 1-10.    

     Reprinted in The Journal of Transnational American Studies Opens in new window 6:1 (2015)

“'They Turned a School Into a Jungle!': How The Blackboard Jungle Redefined the Education Crisis in Postwar America,” Film and History: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Film and Television Studies 39:1 (Spring 2009): 21-30.

“We Are What We Teach: American Studies in the K-16 Classroom,” American Quarterly 60:2 (June 2008): 443-454. 

Creative Work -- Short Stories

"Genuine Natural Color," Linden Avenue Literary Journal, forthcoming.

"The Pool Guy," Pulp Literature 15 (Summer 2017): 121-130. First Runner Up, Pulp Literature's Raven Short Story Contest, 2016, and Honorable Mention, 38th New Millennium Writings Award for Fiction, 2014.

"The Flute CaseOpens in new window ," The Bookends Review, February 17, 2017. Selected for the Best of 2017 Print Anthology. 

"DownwardOpens in new window ," 101 Fiction, October 30, 2016.

"The DrummerOpens in new window ," Winamop, November 2016.

"Dry SpellPDF File Opens in new window ," The Sirens Call 21 (June 2015): 46-49. 

Solicited Essays and Commentary 

"To Understand Us, Look at MonstersOpens in new window ," Orange County Register, October 29, 2014. 

"Teaching Childhood Through Myth and Counter-MemoryOpens in new window ," Guest post for SHCYHOME.ORG, website of the Society for the History of Children and Youth, September 9, 2013.  

Teaching American Studies as a Habit of MindOpens in new window ,” Encyclopedia of American Studies,ed. Simon Bronner, Online Forum 3, "Teaching American Studies: Four Perspectives," (2012).

American Adolescent: Holden Caulfield and the Culture of Not Growing UpOpens in new window ,”, January 30, 2010.

Lessons From the Blackboard JungleOpens in new window ,” Education Week, 25:4 (21 September 2005): 39-40.
     Reprinted as “Misunderstood Youth,” Teacher Magazine 17:3 (1 November 2005): 40-42.

Professional Blogging

From 2009 to 2013, I contributed essays to the American Studies blog "...and everyday lifeOpens in new window ." 

From 2010-2011, I contributed essays on literature and culture to the "Booked: Reading UnboundOpens in new window " blog. 

Book Reviews

Marilyn Irvin Holt, Cold War Kids: Politics and Childhood in Postwar America, 1945-1960 Opens in new window , in Journal of Interdisciplinary History 46:1 (Summer 2015): 136-137. 

Patrick B. Sharp, Savage Perils: Racial Frontiers and Nuclear Apocalypse in American Culture, in Journal of American Ethnic History 34:2 (Winter 2015): 124-125.

Scott M. Gelber, The University and the People: Envisioning American Higher Education in an Era of Populist Protest Opens in new window , in American Studies 53:1 (2014), 215-216.

Neil Miller, Banned in Boston: The Watch and Ward Society’s Crusade Against Books, Burlesque, and the Social Evil, in  Journal of American History 2011 (98): 544-545.

Solving the Dewey ProblemOpens in new window .”  Review of Lee Benson, Ira Harkavy, and John Puckett, Dewey’s Dream: Universities and Democracies in an Age of Reform, H-Childhood, H-Net Reviews, December 2007.  

The OTHER Other FiftiesOpens in new window .” Review of Alison J. Clarke, Tupperware: The Promise of Plastic in 1950s America, H-Amstdy, H-Net Reviews, January, 2003.

Other Scholarly Work

Awards, Grants, and Fellowships

2016  Dean's Research Award for Associate Professors, CSUF 
2015  Recognition of Extraordinary and Sustained Service, CSUF
2011  Teacher Scholars Award for Exceptional Teaching Effectiveness, CSUF
2010  Award for Achievement in Scholarly and Creative Activities, CSUF
2009  CSU, Special Fund for Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity
2008  CSU, Special Fund for Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity
2007  HSSC/Haynes Research Stipend on Los Angeles and Southern California History
2005  Freeman Asian Studies Grant, Faculty development trip to Japan
2002  Spencer Dissertation Fellowship for Research Related to Education
2001  University Continuing Fellowship, University of Texas at Austin

Invited Lectures

“American Youth Culture in the 1950s: On the Road and Around the World,” Teaching American History Grant workshop, Huntington Library, San Marino, California, January 2013

"The American Studies Habit of Mind," Pedagogical Keynote Address, The American Studies Institute, The Lovett School, Atlanta, Georgia, June 2010 

Select Conference Presentations

"Monsters on Screen: American Culture and the Monstrous," Long Beach Indie International Film, Media, and Music Festival, September 2016 

"Teaching Comics as Literature in the University Classroom," Comic Arts Conference, Comic-Con International, San Diego, July 2016

“From Sleepy Hollow to the Shopping Mall: Space, Place, and Monster Pedagogy,” Monstrous Geographies Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, March 2015

“Solving the Education Crisis in Popular Culture: A Cultural History of Why Johnny Can’t Read,” Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association, Washington, D.C., March 2013

“Cultivating the American Studies Habit of Mind,” California American Studies Association, Long Beach, April 2010

“’Danger!  They’re After Our Schools!’: Education and Politics in Postwar Pasadena,” American Historical Association, Washington, D.C., January 2008

“Teaching the American Studies Habit of Mind,” American Studies Association, Philadelphia, October 2007

“American Studies and the Transnational Classroom,” American Studies Association, Oakland, CA, October 2006

“From The Blackboard Jungle to Battle Royale: Gakkyu Hokai (“Classroom Collapse”) in Japan,” American Studies Association, Washington, D.C., November 2005

“Japan’s Blackboard Jungle: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Youth Violence,” Society for the History of Children and Youth, Milwaukee, August 2005

“Excitement, then Sociology: Marketing The Blackboard Jungle in 1950s America,” American Educational Research Association, Chicago, April 2003

“Reforming the 'Soft' Curriculum: Manliness and Education in the Cold War,” American Studies Association, Houston, November 2002

“The Blues as Matrix: Using the Blues to Teach Writing in the Computer Classroom,” Computers and Writing, Fort Worth, TX, May 2000

“Everybody's Protest Song: Gender Erasure in Invisible Man and Louis Armstrong's 'Black and Blue',” Northeast Modern Language Association, Baltimore, April 1998

Student Mentoring

Faculty Sponsor, Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Program, CSUF, Awarded to Corrigan Vaughan, 2012-2013

MA Thesis Committees

Sukeinah Kassir, "Missions in Miniature: Cultural Constructions of California's Mission Past," completed Summer 2014. (CHAIR)

Ekaterina Kuzmina, "Russians in Post-Cold War American Films: Still a Foe or a Friend-to-Be? Looking for a Cultural Reset," completed Spring 2014.

Yvonne England, "A Punk Practice: The Development of Punk Political Activism, 1974-2000," completed Spring 2013. (CHAIR)

Ian Barraza, "Lend Me Your Ears: Attending to Deaf Culture and the Maneuverability of Identity," completed Spring 2013. *Winner of CSUF 2012 Giles T. Brown Outstanding Thesis Award

Jason Cannon, "George Orwell's Animal Farm in the Post-Soviet Union Era," completed Spring 2012.

Matt Glassman, "The Ball Don't Lie: Cultural Tension and the Commodification of Hip-Hop Authenticity in the 1990s NBA," completed Spring 2010.

MA Comprehensive Exam

I prepare students in the following areas: The National and the Global; Expressive Forms; Work, Consumption, and Leisure; Institutions and Ideals

Office Hours

For students in AMST 300 and 401: Mondays, 2:30-3:30, Wednesdays 11:30-12:30, and by appointment

Grad Advising Hours (for all M.A. students and prospective students): Mondays, 3:30-6:30, and by appointment

Course Schedule

AMST 300, Introduction to American Popular Culture, M/W, 1:00-2:15

AMST 401T, Culture and Commerce of American Music, Wednesdays, 4:00-6:45



Welcome to my faculty web page. I am an associate professor and graduate advisor for the Master's Program in American Studies here at Cal State Fullerton. I am a U.S. cultural historian whose research and teaching interests include popular culture, the history of childhood and education, literature and culture, and monsters and horror. I also write fiction, and my short stories have appeared or are forthcoming in The Bookends Review, Pulp Literature, 101 Fiction, The Sirens Call, and elsewhere. In recent years, I have attended the Yale Writers' Conference, the Kenyon Review Writers Workshop, and the Iowa Writing Fesival. A little about my background: I was born in Philadelphia, grew up in New Jersey, went to college in New York, taught high school English and History in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, wrote ESL textbooks in Boston, went to graduate school in Texas, taught American Studies at UC Davis, taught Education Studies at Guilford College in North Carolina, and landed at Cal State in 2007.